About Neerav Vadera

For those of you that haven’t been following my journey since founding G7FX, I would like to take a few minutes introducing myself.

My background is as an institutional trader, working in London City for several major banks and hedge funds. During those years I was fortunate enough to work for Barclays investment bank where we controlled about 10% of the entire global foreign exchange market ($3-5 trillion).

The education I received while working there is what’s ultimately set me on the path I’m on today both with my own trading results, as well as being able to offer that same education experience to new traders through the G7FX courses.

Since leaving the City, I have been a consistently profitable private trader, and have publicly shared both my fully verified MyFXBook statistics, as well as my results across non FX markets.

As anyone who knows me, or has followed my social media channels will know – I’ve got a huge passion for trading… I’ve been doing this for over 2 decades now, and I still get excited about it.

Right now, there’s two main areas I focus on when it comes to trading.

The first is improving my own results. Every year, I want to push past my previous records. Not just to earn more money (although that’s also a huge part of this), but also to improve my skills and continue perfecting my craft.

The second area that gets my focus is the G7FX students. This is my chance to share the exact tools, training, techniques, and strategies that I use every month to make trading my full time career.

I created G7FX to provide professional training for traders looking to become consistently profitable. Traders who are struggling to find the right education, as well as those who have already got some success in trading but want a better understanding of how to increase their earnings.

Through G7FX my goal is to help you achieve your goals with trading by providing the same institutional education that I received working at Barclays investment bank – but in an online format that’s accessible from any location at any time!

Other Courses


The G7FX Foundation Course replicates the training you would receive on Day One of working in a world-class trading firm.
  • You will be shown from scratch how to read institutional order flow as we strip back the charts and look at the raw data that drives markets!


After 3 - 6 months at a professional trading firm, you would be introduced to more advanced volume analysis.
  • The G7FX Pro Course follows that same timescale, teaching you the footprint, volume profile and ultimately the VWAP.


  • Combine the already powerful Order Flow Edge I teach in the Pro & Foundation Courses with a truly WORLD CLASS understanding of Macro Trading.

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